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Mrs.  Prerna jain is a professional kathak performer. she  did  senior diploma from National Institute of kathak Delhi . She performed at many prestigious stages like Shri Ram bhartiya kala kendra, Talkatora stadium, DMS, and many more. She also become a part of programs of DD national , such as Yamuna bachao, Remembering Kishor kumar, and many more.

The workshop prominently focuses on spreading awareness and training of new practices and innovation in dance forms. The workshop takes a closer look at the various points that influence the successful adaptation of dancing techniques. The workshop incorporates practical aspects of dance forms.

To spread the awareness of the Kathak dance form, the Gurus started organizing workshops where students can easily learn the Kathak dance in a short time. They used to visit different places to teach students for a few days enabling the interested student to learn Kathak dance.

The workshop became popular across India because it imparts an opportunity to the Kathak dancers to learn dancing techniques from Mahan Gurus.

Why should we attend the workshops :

The workshop benefits all the dance learners who want to hone their dancing skills in a short period. The workshop develops various innovative dancing skills to dance beautifully. 

How are these workshops beneficial for the students who are already learning classical forms:-

  learn new compositions 

  improve classical as well as semiclassical skills 

  learn to express classical forms in semiclassical dance 

  learn expressions and new ways to use the forms of classical dance

Benefits of workshop :- 

The workshop enables the learners to master the knack of Kathak dancing such as first footwork, spins, expression thumris and kavittas, etc.

If you are attending any semiclassical workshops you will learn bhav , spin footwork, speed, etc.

Semiclassical uses all these movements beautifully and speedily. Semiclassical is also known as a summary of classical dances.

Workshops provide the opportunities to develop the individual capacities of the dancer.


Q. What is Semiclassical Workshop ?
Ans. Semi classical workshop is the use of classical forms in any track without any boundaries . These workshops will help students in building confidence as well as facial expressions. They also learn to hold and play with rhythm.
Q. Why you should join work shop ?
Ans. Workshop provides a new direction to improve yours skills. You will find new ways to to use the basic knowledge of the skill in a better and interesting way .it will help you to know crucial skills that you need to be a expert Artist
Q. What is the benefits of workshop ?
Ans. The term workshop is used to learn or developed a skill in a short period of time. It is beneficial for both students the one who is already a learner the another one who is eager to learn . Workshops will offer new things which is a new version of regular classes .Workshop will help both kind of students by offering new way to express ideas.

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