Online Kathak Dance Classes

With Kathak Club, learn kathak dance online, a platform where you can synchronize your dancing steps to celebrate life's happiness via dance. Stay fit and agile to enjoy life through learning dance online.

Kathak Club is a first-of-its-kind community serving for the last year that works towards the authentic online promotion of beautiful Indian classical dance forms.

At Kathak Club, learn Kathak dance online from the best teachers in an authentic, systematic, and convenient way possible. 

We have a team of highly qualified experts who will help you learn and understand this traditional dance form from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn practical kathak dance techniques, tips, tricks, and basic theoretical knowledge to develop the best dancing skills.

Our ultimate goal is to create Kathak dancers who will carry this age-old tradition forward while retaining its authentic roots. 

Our ultimate goal is to create an online dance learning platform for those across the globe to follow their passion for learning Kathak dance.

Nurture your creativity of body and mind with online dance classes at Kathak Club.

The student will receive a certificate from Kathak Club upon completion of the course.

If you are interested in learning the Kathak dance form, fill in your details at the bottom of the page - your name, email address, and mobile number - and we shall revert within 24 to 72 hours. We hope you start your journey towards learning this Indian traditional classical dance form with Kathak Club.

Kathak Club's Expert Faculty

At Kathak Club, we have experienced and talented experts who have received training in this Indian classical art form for over two decades. Our experts consist of national scholarship recipients and Doordarshan-graded artists who have contributed to the growth and development of the Kathak community. 

They are not just excellent performers but also compassionate teachers who work relentlessly towards creating a holistic environment that fosters and nurtures the perseverance of traditional Kathak dance while enabling students to understand and relate to ancient knowledge in modern times.

Our experts are committed to channeling the inner potential of every student and creating torchbearers of Kathak dance form, who will be the beacon for generations to follow - as performers, teachers, or professors. 

At Kathak Club, we understand the responsibility of educating and nurturing students to understand the sensitivities of the artistic environment around us - and our experts believe in the same ideologies. 

Best Career Options In Kathak 

There is extensive scope for pursuing Kathak professionally. After learning Kathak, the following options are open for exploration and further continuance.


One can study Kathak as a degree course from U.G.C-approved colleges and universities. They can pursue their graduation and study till their Ph.D. to conduct research and publish their literary works. They can also enter the field of teaching as an assistant professor after clearing N.E.T. Some colleges and universities offering degree courses in Kathak are -

Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa Vidyalaya (Khairagarh), Apeejay College of Fine Arts (Jalandhar), Raja Mansingh Tomar University (Gwalior).

Performance Artist

One can join Kathak's repertoire companies as a performing artist/dancer. While Kathak has traditionally been a solo art form, present-day demands have developed the presentation of this art form. There is a charm to synchronized group choreographies that have now created an impact in terms of story-telling.

Furthermore, joining a repertoire cultivates values that a dancer requires to become an artist, such as patience, perseverance, teamwork, communication, motivation, etc.

Kathak Dance Teacher

The best way to learn any skill is through teaching. Thus, after training in Kathak and strengthening basic lessons and skills, one can also opt for working as a dance teacher. One can either set up their dance school or apply for a job in an educational institution or I.C.C.R. You may note that this is slightly different from the field of academia. Being a dance teacher requires copious amounts of patience and understanding to explain and strengthen the basic concepts of a new learner. The role of a dance teacher is crucial as the foundation requires the most work.

Kathak is the most mesmerizing dance form woven around the concept of storytelling. 

Click here to know more about the different concepts related to charming dance mudras, and footwork such as Padhant & Guru Purnima .


Q. Why should one learn Kathak?
Ans. Kathak is an age-old Indian classical dance form that has now gained fame across the globe. Kathak, as opposed to other dance forms, is more communicative as we actively use “Padhant” (speech) in performances, which helps in clear communication, overcoming the fear of public speaking, and instilling confidence. The gamut of rhythmic beat cycles helps in sharpening the brain due to the mathematical complexities involved, further helping in memorizing. Kathak uses expressions that are more subtle than other art forms. Therefore, learning Kathak also helps in expressing ourselves as much as it is required. While other dance forms are equally graceful and complex in their own ways, Kathak draws more parallels to life and nature.
Q. How long will it take to learn Kathak?
Ans. It all depends on you! Indian classical dance forms, in general, require attention to terms, and details in movements. While mastering the art itself could take a lifetime, we suggest at least 4-5 years of training for you to establish a strong base.
Q. Will the students receive a certificate upon completing a course?
Ans. Absolutely! Kathak Club recognises the need to acknowledge a student’s time and efforts invested towards learning this art form, which is why Kathak Club will provide a certificate on completion of a course.
Q. Is there a difference in quality between physical classes and online classes?
Ans. At Kathak Club, we assure you that there is absolutely NO difference in the quality of teaching as well as learning - be it online or offline. Through both processes, we aim to impart personalised and authentic training of Kathak to each and every student.
Q. How can we learn Kathak online?
Ans. At Kathak Club, we conduct online classes on Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
Q. Which classical songs are best suited for Kathak dance performances?
Ans. You can perform Kathak on any thumri, ghazal, bhajan, etc.
Q. How much will I earn if I make Kathak my primary career choice?
Ans. Like any other profession, your ability to earn depends on your skillset and proficiency. The more you invest in developing your skills, the higher your chances are of earning an amount that may match your satisfaction.
Q. Which Bollywood songs are best suited for a Kathak dance performance?
Ans. Songs like Kahe Chhed Chhed (from Devdaas), Mohe Panghat Pe (from Mughal-E-Aazam), Aan Milo Sajna (from Gadar: Ek Prem Katha), etc. may be used for Kathak performances. However, at Kathak Club, we aim to spread true, authentic knowledge of the art form which is not entirely encouraging of using songs from Bollywood.
Q. Where can we learn Kathak online?
Ans. Kathak Club is one of the first communities to work towards the promotion of true, authentic knowledge of Kathak by providing online classes, under the guidance of some highly qualified Kathak teachers and professionals that will help you understand this art form as per your need and suitability! For more information, you may visit this website - and get yourselves enrolled.
Q. How many years of training do the experts at Kathak Club have in Kathak?
Ans. The experts of Kathak Club are young, enthusiastic teachers that have received 18-20 years of formal training in this art form.
Q. Which of the mentioned career option is the best?
Ans. One can not compare the scope of the different career options as every option serves a distinct purpose. Each career option leads to exploring an underlying potential that creates an individualistic identity. Therefore, we suggest that you pursue a career option that has the potential to provide opportunities best suited for your needs.
Q. What are the benefits of learning Kathak online through Kathak Club?
Ans. This pandemic has put a halt to physical, interactive, face-to-face learning. While it was tough to create modules for learning Kathak in the initial stages, today one can not imagine not having online classes for any subject. Therefore, learning Kathak online has more advantages that should be considered. Some of these benefits are - You get to learn from the comfort of your home. You can schedule classes as per your need and requirement. You don’t require an elaborate set up to learn from home - just a device with a camera along with an internet connection and you’re good to go. You can always record your lessons that will help in revision. You will learn Kathak under the expert guidance of qualified professionals who will help you understand this art form better, so you do not have to hunt for a good Kathak teacher in your locality.
Q. Why should we learn Kathak from the experts at Kathak Club?
Ans. The experts at Kathak Club focus on individualistic training techniques to bring out and nurture the potential of each student. Since Kathak is a solo art form, we want to help our students find their own identities and discover the underlying possibilities that come with a sense of independence and creative freedom.

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