Kathak Dance Drawing

Expressions are the most prominent part of the Kathak dance form. Drawings of the Kathak dancers depict various moods. Gestures of the face shown in the drawings of the dancers express the theme of the dance. Specifically, the expression of the eyes supported by the movements of the hands reveals the actual theme of the dance. 

Kathak dancers convey the meaning of the lyrics of songs through their extensive footwork, hand movements, flexibility, and specifically through their eyes & facial expressions. 

Drawings try to give a glimpse of the dance theme to attract the viewer and make them curious to dig the overall story of the dance. Beautiful drawings of the dancers catch the eyes of the audience and compel them to view the story hidden in the picture.

Various drawings of the Kathak dancers depict the expressive aspect of the Kathak dance form that communicates emotions, feelings, and storyline. It engages the mind and emotions of the audience.

Kathak is the most mesmerizing dance form woven around the concept of storytelling.

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