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Unveiling Kathak Club, smartest initiative for connecting passionate Kathak professional teachers and keen Kathak learners


Kathak Club is a first-of-its-kind community that works promoting Kathak vocabulary in the easiest and most authentic ways. Launched to connect the people passionate about Kathak dance, assist with various aspects of learning online from the best professional Kathak teachers. We are putting our best efforts into making online Kathak learning smarter and quicker.


At Kathak Club, like-minded individuals unite at one platform to learn this traditional Indian classical dance form. We strive to provide the best training in the present scenario, despite all adversities in recent times. 


Kathak Club is committed to provide quick, comprehensive, and reliable information to the users and connect Kathak teachers and Kathak learners. 

With the ever-evolving online learning and teaching methodology, Kathak Club is assisting prospective Kathak learners to take well-informed decisions in the selection of the Kathak teacher.


At Kathak Club, teachers can share their expertise, skills, achievements, experience to motivate students to learn Kathak online without any difficulty.


Kathak Club is an online forum where Kathak gurus/teachers and Shishya/learners can interact to exchange views about Kathak dance form quickly, inexpensively, and effectively. 


People who are keen learners of Kathak can leave their details to learn this beautiful dance form by the best professional Kathak teachers.


People who are passionate teachers can send their details to admin@kathakclub(dot)com to have students from across the nation.


Our ultimate goal is to create young torch-bearers of Kathak who will carry this age-old tradition forward while retaining its authentic roots. The platform promotes the best kathak learning experience for all Kathak lovers while exposing them to the whole new world of the best teaching and learning experience.

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Kathak Club Terms Conditions
Kathak Club Terms Conditions
Refund & Cancellation