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What is Semi Classical dance?

Semi-classical dance is an art form that features extensive dance movements of the dancer’s body while maintaining grace along with expressions and speed. The Semi-classical dance steps are not as complicated or complex as in classical styles. 

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Semi-classical dance does not have boundaries like classical dance. Compared to classical dance, semi-classical dance is not strictly bound to posture and expression. It is one of the versions of classical dance which includes some entertainment based and is played\composed on some tracks\songs for the duration 3 to 4 mins and can include some of the classical dance postures (not exact foot movement).

Style of Semi-Classical dance

The modern style of this kind of dance is different from the classical dance’s style structures and forms. In semi-classical dance, classical and folk dance are combined and performed. 

The current generation of dancers wants to explore creativity, while using the classical technique. They liked the style of semi-classical dance. Semi-classical dances don't have as many moves as classical dances. Dance is the art of moving your body and making movements. 


Mudras and the posture of the dancer are not essential in semi-classical dance. It involves the steps of classical dance and incorporates modern and folk dance that creates an engaging and eye-glazing performance. 

Semi-classical dance moves are always tied in with understanding the mind-body-soul connection. Below are a few mudras in semi-classical dance

  • Pataka: This is a hand mudra in which you keep your palms open. It translates to a cloud or forest. 
  • Shikhara: In this mudra, you keep your fist closed and keep your thumb upright.
  • Chandrakala: This hand mudra exhibits a closed fist. Your thumb and index finger will stick out.
  • Trishula: In this mudra, you only have to keep your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger upright , facing the sky. 
  • Tripataka: This hand mudra exhibits your hands open (fingers touching) and your ring finger is bending halfway down.

Musical Instruments

Instruments used in semi-classical dance can be a mix of some classical instruments and more western musical instruments.


Costumes in semi-classical are theme-based like saavan, sangeet, and semi-traditional, and it can depend on the track played. 

The hairstyle can be indo-western, loose hair. Make-up and jewelry are also worn according to the event\track\theme etc.

Kathak is the most mesmerizing dance form woven around the concept of storytelling. 

Click here to know more about the different concepts related to charming dance mudras, and footwork such as Guru Purnima & Kathakali Dance Of Which State.


Q. How can I learn semi classical dance at home?
Ans. KathakClub is introducing semi classical dance form in a whole way that combines your step with a classical and modern dance touch. We teach Mudras\Postures. We introduce online classes for semi classical dance like Kathak classical dance.And we are teaching semi classical dance by zoom app.This dance will do every one there is no age limit .  Hope fully will do this dance everyone enjoyfully.
Q. Who can learn semi classical dance?
Ans. Students curious to learn Semi Classical Dance. There is no age limit for this semi classical dance. Everyone can do this dance with simple steps along with expression s. There is no matter of students belonging which country or state that means there is no matter of language also .
Q. Is Kathak semi classical dance?
Ans.Kathak is an important\famous ancient Indian classical dance and is thought to have started from the poet of North India known as Kathakars, meaning storytellers. These Kathakars travelled and conveyed stories by means of music, dance and songs. Kathak is a unique dance form consisting of Gharanas and cultural elements of gharanas.kathak is not a semi classical dance because in this we have boundaries like postures and steps also.where as semi classical dance is a modern and reform of classical dance.
Q. What is Semi Classical dance ?
Ans.Semi-classical dance is an art form that features extensive dance movements of dancer’s body while maintaining grace along with expressions and speed.In semi classical dance there is no boundaries every one can do this and there is no age limit also.And we can easily move your body movements and steps.
Q. Difference between classical and semi classical dance?
Ans. Classical Dance is expressive and ancient dance traditions. Classical dance is an Indian dance form. classical dance is a conventional dance enlightening the feelings, emotions or sentiments through dance drama or poetry. Semi-classical dance is the modern and reform of classical dance. It's a combination of Indian classical dance and folk dance. The steps and movements of this dance form are simple and there is no boundaries and every one has do enjoyfully.

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