Kathak Club Fees

Benefits of Group Dance Classes: -

  • In Group Classes, you will come across beginners and expert dancers. In such settings, there is plenty of opportunity to learn. Whether you help another dancer or need a fresh perspective yourself, group setting are the best place or just that.
  • In Group classes, you can enjoy the company of other students.
  • Group dance classes cost less than private dance classes. Because you share the studio and instructor too.
  • Taking group dance classes means there are plenty of opportunities to learn. Sometimes another dance student can help you learn a step or skill, or give a fresh perspective in addition to what the dance instructor has taught.

Benefits of Individual Classes: -

  • In individual dance classes, you can accommodate your schedule as per your choice.
  • If you are new to dancing, individual classes can help to learn the basics.
  • In individual classes instructor will teach you how to specifically get over the hurdles of most new dancers.
  • In individual dance classes with a personal instructor will help you achieve your goal much faster than if you took group dance classes.
  • Focus on improving your body posture.
  • Will focus to teach Laya, Taal, Padhant etc.

Kathak is the most mesmerizing dance form wovan around the concept of storytelling.

Click here to learn more about the different concepts related to charming dance mudras, and footwork such as Padhant & Online Kathak Dance Classes.


Q. What is the fee structure for online dance classes in Kathak Club?
Ans. We have two types of payment plans for our dance classes We have two types of payment plans for our dance classes Individual dance classes and Group dance classes: 1.In individual dance classes, we have to charge 1000 INR per session. 2.In group dance classes we charge 2000 INR per month. When you purchase a series of sessions, you will end up paying less in the long run, however, this is only a good option if you think you will stick with the course.

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