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What is Kathak Club?


Kathak Club is an online and offline community for aspiring Kathak dancers where our teachers and trainers will impart knowledge about this dance form through practical and theory classes. For more information, you may refer to the “About Us” section.


How many classes will take place?


For our “New Clubbers” and “Junior Clubbers” (beginner and intermediate batches), we have scheduled three classes per week. However, for our “Leading Clubbers” (advanced batch), we have scheduled two classes per week.


How will these classes be conducted?


We have online and offline classes for our students. However, given the current circumstances owing to the pandemic and other government guidelines, we are currently conducting online classes for now. Any further changes will be announced and updated in due time.


What is the admission process?


For our New Clubbers, one can join solely on the basis of interest. However, to seek admission in Junior Clubbers and Leading Clubbers, you will be required to undergo a trial class, after which our qualified trainers will assign the student to an appropriate club/course. The final jurisdiction stays reserved with the respective authorities and is not subject to further change.  


What is the duration of every course?


At Kathak Club, we have no fixed timelines and schedules for completing a course. We provide our students the flexibility and convenience to complete their course in their own time. 


Can I switch clubs in between? Is there a formal procedure for the same?


Yes, you may switch clubs which will come into effect from the next month onwards.


Example: If you decide to switch from New Clubbers to Junior Clubbers, you will be a student of Junior Clubbers with effect from the 1st of the following month.


However, before switching we advise you to consult your teacher and then come to a mutual decision. At the end of the day, Kathak Club will always want what’s best for you.


What happens if I decide to discontinue my classes?


On discontinuing your classes, you need to inform your teacher first. You won’t receive any future updates regarding information, payment, etc. However, discontinuation of classes and other subsequent services are applicable on the last day of the month.

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